Nicolas D'Agosto (Born 1980)

Film Deaths[edit | edit source]

  • The Wicker Man: (2016) [Patrolman McTaggort]: Stung to death (off-screen) by bees after "The Wicker Man" (Gary Oldman) filled his damaged car with bees by breaking a bee nest. We learn of his death when "Ed Harris" (Also played by Gary Oldman) finds his body.
  • Scream (2016) [Wil Belmont]: Shot in the head by Luke Evans in the backyard; shown from a far distance after an extremely long, silent pause of Luke holding the gun to Nicolas' head.
  • The End Is Near: (2017) [Himself]: Falls into the giant crater along with Brie Larson, Brian Geraghty, Jerry Trainor, Drew Seeley, and Alice Eve. He is actually seen rolling down the side and then falling. (he is later resurrected in Heaven)
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