Michael Cera (Born 1988)

Fanon Film DeathsEdit

  • Tropic Thunder (2008) [Kevin Sandusky/Brooklyn]: In a film within the film, he most likely died (off-screen) when a Vietcong stabs him with a blade on a gun. However, this is later revealed to be just a movie setting but it's possible his character's film character died from the wounds. He survives the film in reality.
  • The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (2012) [Jerry]: Impaled with chainsaw by Kane Kodder after being stabbed in the back by a knife for finding Brie Larson's body in the freezer. His body is crucified (off-screen) and later found by Johnny Depp in the sequel.
  • Scott Pilgrim (2017) [Scott Pilgrim, NegaScott]: Playing a dual-role, Scott Pilgrim stabbed in the chest by Tom Felton with a sword as his friends look on in horror. He is later resurrected by Emma Watson when it's revealed that NegaScott was the one who is killed and defeated Kevin Michael Richardson. He also used a 1-up that he had after his fight with Patrick Warburton. (Scott Pilgrim now survives the film in reality).
  • The End Is Near (2017) [Himself]: Raptured into Heaven after confessing his sins to Christopher Mintz-Plasse and sacrificing himself to save him. They are later reunited with Jonah Hill in Heaven along with other actors. (He is alive in real-life and probably survived the movie by going into Heaven).
  • The Jungle Book 2 (2017) [Lucky (voice)]: Providing the voice of a talking CGI bluebird, "Lucky" is turned into stone, along with the other animals, when the curse takes affect as Christopher Mintz-Plasse watches in sadness. However, he is brought back to life as a human when Natalie Portman lifts the curse.
  • The Death Of Batman (2017-2018) [Tim Drake/Robin]: Stabbed through the back with a katana by Martin Starr while Mila Kunis watches in horror. (However, since this is Non-Canon, he is alive in real-life).
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