Kevin Conroy (Born: November 30, 1955)

Film DeathsEdit

  • Tim Burton's Batman (2015) [Thomas Wayne]: Shot to death, along with his wife (Grey DeLisle), by Cameron Monaghen while David Mazouz and Camren Bicondova watch in horror.
  • The Death Of Batman (2017-2018) [Bruce Wayne/Batman]: Presumably dies (off-screen) of blood loss, along with Ben Affleck, after already getting shot in the chest earlier by Martin Starr, who he killed in return. We don't see him die but judging from the injuries and collapsing, he most likely did and this leaves his fate ambitious. (However, since this is Non-Canon, he survives in reality).
  • Batman: The Last Laugh (2019) [Bruce Wayne/Batman]: Commits suicide by mortally wounding himself in the explosion of his mansion as the people of Gotham watch in horror. He dies being carried by Superman (Brandon Routh) and his body is seen a few times at his funeral. (his spirit appears in the fourth Batman film but played by Bruce Greenwood).
  • Swag Part 9: Rise Of The Titans (2019) [Bruce Wayne (Earth-Prime)]: Vaporized (off-screen) by the Earth Prime Iron Man Robert Downey Jr. before the events of the film; his death is revealed when his mask is seen as a trophy.
  • Swag Dead Part 10: War Of The Titans (2020) [Bruce Wayne (Earth-99)]: Impaled with a crossguard energy sword by a mind controlled Derry Poppinio (who is being controlled by "Kronos" (voiced by Mark Hamill)) as all heroes watch in horror and sadness. He dies forgiving a remorseful Derry and his body falls down a bottomless pit. (this version of Bruce was given dyed white hair for his role as an elderly Batman)
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