Brandon Keffer-Robalik (Born: 1999)

Film DeathsEdit

  • Vorago (2014) [Derk]: Shot in the head by Wyatt Habberson as Derry Poppinio looks on in anger and horror.
  • My R (2016) [Deku]: Commits suicide by jumping off the roof of the school building. We first see his body on top of a car and near the end of the flashbacks, his death is reported on the news to the other main characters of the film. When the film ends, we see him walking towards the edge of the roof and jumping off before the screen turns white then black.
  • The End Is Near (2017) [Himself]: Raptured into Heaven, along with other store customers, when the apocalypse begins as Michael Cera and Christopher Mintz-Plasse look on in amazement. He is seen with his friends and family in Heaven.
  • Swag Dead Part 9: Rise Of The Titans (2019) [Brandon Keffer-Robalik, Brandon-Prime, and Raven]: Playing three counterparts, "Brandon-Prime" is vaporized, along with everyone on Earth-Prime, when "Kronos" (voiced by Mark Hamill)'s infinity wave activates and destroys their world. (the Earth-1 "Brandon" and his Earth-2 counterpart "Raven" survives the movie along with their other counterparts but "Brandon-Prime" is brought back in the sequel as an revenant soldier for "Kronos")
  • Chuck E. Cheese's (2019) [Johnson Jingle (portrayal)/Chuck E. Cheese (voice)]: Portraying a 19-year-old human teenager and voicing the titular sociopathic animatronic mouse, "Chuck E. Cheese" is mortally wounded when "Johnson" stabs him in the head with a crowbar. He dies after seeing them kill "Jasper T. Jones" (voiced by Brett Robalik) in defeat. However, he is seen in the ending reactivating.
  • Swag Dead Part 10: War Of The Titans (2020) [Brandon Keffer-Robalik, Brandon-Prime, and Raven]: Once again playing three counterparts, "Brandon-Prime" is disintegrated and brought back to the afterlife, along with the other revenant soldiers, when Marcus Amui-Sekyi destroys "Kronos" (voiced by Mark Hamill) and deactivates the infinity wave. He dies smiling at them as thanks for freeing him while "Brandon-1" looks on in tears. ("Brandon-1" and "Raven" survives the movie)
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