Brandon Keffer-Robalik (Born: 1999)

Film DeathsEdit

  • Vorago (2014) [Derk]: Shot in the head by Wyatt Habberson as Derry Poppinio looks on in anger and horror.
  • The End Is Near (2017) [Himself]: He is seen with his friends and family in Heaven after having been raptured (off-screen).
  • Swag Dead Part 9: Rise Of The Titans (2019) [Brandon Keffer-Robalik (both Earth-1 and Earth-Prime) and Raven]: Playing three counterparts, the Earth-Prime "Brandon" is vaporized, along with everyone on Earth-Prime, when "Kronos" (voiced by Mark Hamill)'s infinity wave activates and destroys their world. (the Earth-1 "Brandon" and his Earth-2 counterpart "Raven" survives the movie along with their other counteparts)
  • Chuck E. Cheese's (2019) [Johnson Jingle (portrayal)/Chuck E. Cheese (voice)]: Portraying a 19-year-old human teenager and voicing the titular sociopathic animatronic mouse, "Chuck E. Cheese" is mortally wounded when "Johnson" stabs him in the head with a crowbar. He dies after seeing them kill "Jasper T. Jones" (voiced by Brett Robalik) in defeat. However, he is seen in the ending reactivating.
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