Andrew Smiley actor.

Films Edit

  • Unlocked (film) [Impiled] (Jake Lawson) he got shot after was corrupted by Jay.
  • Under Siege (2017 film) [Resurrected] (Future Casey Ryback) (main villain).
  • Haywire (2011 film) [Impiled] (Brandon Wells)
  • The Sneaking (2019/I) [shooting] (Marvin Decost / Walter Wilfredo) (killed by Martin Howard)
  • Disconnect (2019 film) [Shooting] (himself)
  • 1408 (Reboot film) [drowning] (revived) (Micheal Enslin)
  • The Town (2012 film) [shooting by Doug MacRay] (Jason Colbert)
  • The Recruit (2020 film) [stroke by Walter] (Garrett Kenneth)
  • Unlocked 3 (film) (brain tumor he died by brain druged dose) (Jack Lawson)
  • The Green Goblin 2 (film) [Shooting] (Peter Parker) (revived by hospital from Dr. Cole)
  • Crime Terminated 4 (film) (Liam) [Shooting by Harris]
  • Next to Killing: Spy Agents (film) [Doug McDonnell]
  • Kiss the Left 2: The Family (film) (Oscar Hennessy) [off screen by brain tumor]
  • Marked to Action 2: The Game (film) (Sgt. Strucker) [shooting by Markus Frey]
  • Death Taxi (film) ["Pops" Mark Phillips] (revived brought to life by accident by truck)
  • Rush into The Light (2019 film) [Jeffrey 'Jeff' Mitchell] (shooting by John Jonnie in Aircraft after vision in John before his death)
  • Killing Impose (2019 film) [Jared Reynier] (infection in zombies by all of them)
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