Alan Rickman (Born: 1946 - Died: 2016)

Film DeathsEdit

  • The Jungle Book (2015) [Shere Khan]: Providing the voice of a computer-generated tiger, he falls to his death in a pit filled with burning trees, which is probably the underworld (Hell) or the power of man's "Red Flower" after standing on a weak tree branch and trying to kill Emjay Anthony. (He later appears in the end credits but is possibly in Hell for his actions).
  • God Of War Part 3 (2015) [Poiseidon]: Neck snapped by his nephew (Bruce Willis) after already being beaten up by him at the end of a fight. His body later falls into the ocean of Olympus but his death probably ends up drowning a bunch of humans in Olympus.
  • The Wicker Man (2016) [Father Summersisle]: Died of heart attack (off-screen) after the events of the film, his death is reported in the ending text.
  • Swag Dead Part 6: Dawn Of Gods (2016) [Poseidon]: After being turned into a mortal, he is defeated and mortally wounded by his son Marcus Amua-Sekyi and nephews Brandon Keffer-Robalik and Howie Delp. He dies talking to them before his body turns into water.
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